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      • HD-SDI Surge Protector
        RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

        4U Rack Mounting Chassis
        RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

        4U Rack Mounting Chassis
        RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

        HD-SDI Surge Protector
        RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

        • HIFI Audio Optical Transceiver

          ● RV6X4-2A         2-ch unidirectional HIFI
          ● RV6X4-4A         4-ch unidirectional HIFI
          ● RV6X4-4A-1U    4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U
          ● RV6X4-8A         8-ch unidirectional HIFI
          ● RV6X4-2A-2BA   2-ch bidirectional HIFI
          ● RV6X4-4A-4BA   4-ch bidirectional HIFI

          ● Compact design with 1U height
          ● XLR interface for Audio
          ● SNR is better than 92dB
          ● 192K sampling frequency
          ● 24 bit quantized accuracy
          ● Provides AC110~220V dual power redundancy

        • SDI Converter

          ● 75ΩBNC connector for SDI input and looping out
          ● VGA output interface
          ● Two unbalanced RCA audio output with 600Ω impendence...

          ● Features 1 VGA input, 2 audio inputs and 1 SDI output
          ● Supports asymmetrical conversion for any format
          ● The input and output video format can be shown on the screen...

          75Ω BNC connector for SDI input and looping out

          ● HDMI output interface

          ● Two unbalanced RCA audio output with 600Ω impendence...

        • SDI Distribution Amplifier

        • 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

          ● 19 inch and 4U height
          ● 16 traffic card slots and 1 management card slot
          ● 3 fans embedded
          ● Dual power supplies for power redundant protection
          ● Provides one RS232 management interface(CONSOLE) used for CLI management...

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          and Pattern Generator

          ● Multi-level protection, low residual voltage
          ● Short response time   
          ● Large thermal capability and low limiting voltage
          ● Stable performance and long service life...

          ● Comply with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard
          ● Support 1080P@59.94/29.97, 1080I@59.94, 720P@59.94, 525I@59.95 format of NTSC...

        • CHIP

        • Multi-Service Access Platform

          3U height, 19 Inch width standard, 9 card slots.

          Up to 2 GE optical ports and 2 GE electrical ports

          Aggregate the 1000M Ethernet traffic from up to 3 downlink cards...

          ● 7U height, 19 Inch width standard, 16 card slots.

          ● Up to 4 GE optical ports and 4 GE electrical ports.

          ● Each card can aggregate the 1000M Ethernet traffic from up to 8 downlink cards...

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    RF970 Pinpoint Location Fiber Intrusion Detection System

    RF970, the pinpoint location fiber-optic intrusion detection system developed by Raycom, achieves real-time monitoring for the long distance fiber perimeter, shows the precise location of the threat , provides information about what event has taken place and give the operator the opportunity to make a timely and proportionate response.
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      RF970, the pinpoint location fiber-optic intrusion detection system developed by Raycom, achieves real-time monitoring for the long distance fiber perimeter, shows the precise location of the threat , provides information about what event has taken place and give the operator the opportunity to make a timely and proportionate response.
      RF970 adopts Dual- channel design, the cable length of each channel is up to 20Km. Each channel uses the four-core common fiber optic cables (one core is reserved).
      RF970 adopts distributed laser interference sensing technology with independent intellectual property rights, brings extremely high detection sensitivity and response speed. Based on a special and key core technology, it ensures the stability and consistency of measurement accuracy. Based on the advanced ultra narrow line-width laser source, high speed and precision data acquisition and conversion unit, as well as a variety of complex DSP algorithms, it delivers a perfect solution with advanced location accuracy and anti-disturb ability to eliminate environment nuisance alarm.
      Furthermore, RF970 allows automatic learning some important physical and alarm parameters in the field, which effectively simplifies the process of project opening, helping customers monitor and protect assets against illegal incursion in warehouses, airports, military area, border, etc.

      Table 1 product list





      Pinpoint location fiber-optic intrusion detection Host


      Single channel short range(0-5Km) Host

      220V power supply, placed in the machine room


      Single channel medium range(5-10Km) Host


      Single channel long range(10-20Km) Host


      Dual channel short range(0-5Km) Host


      Dual channel medium range(5-10Km) Host


      Dual channel long range(10-20Km) Host


      Passive Terminal


      Passive terminal(single channel)

      Suitable for single channel deployment; or for dual channel & dual side deployment


      Passive terminal(single channel)


      Passive terminal(dual channel)

      Suitable for dual channel & single side deployment;


      Passive terminal(dual channel)

      Management software


      Level 1 Web based management software

      Suitable for single device management,support video linkage management, Linux version


      Level 2 Web based management software

      Suitable for multiple RF970/RF900/960 devices management, achieve statistical analysis. Windows version


      1.   Standards
            √ GB 10408.1、GB/T 10408.8、GB 16796
            √ GA/T 1217、GA/T 1469
      2.  Dual-channel design, the optical cable length for each channel is not less than 20Km
      3.  Calculate and display the precise location of the intrusion event on the electronic map
      4.  Continuously monitor and detect intrusion events in real time
      5.  Supports intrusion alarm, cutting alarm, power off alarm and tamper alarm
      6.  Response time for intrusion alarm with less than 3 seconds
      7.  Response time for cutting alarm with less than 1 seconds
      8.  Detect behaviors of climbing, climbing over,cutting and sabotage
      9.  Supports both above ground and under ground application
      10.  Supports wavy or straight cable deployment
      11.  Provides anti-disturb ability to eliminate environment nuisance alarm
            √ Be immune to small animals
            √ Be immune to 7~8 level of wind
            √ Be immune to downpour
      12. ■ Support 8-ch contact input and 8-ch contact output
      13. ■ Support RS485 interface to achieves contact output external extension
      14. ■ Supports 2.5G Ethernet interface
            √ Supports TCP/IP MODBUS protocol,achieves slave function
            √ Achieve contact closure external extension
      15. ■ System management
            √ Provides Level-1 Web management software RFView-W-L1, used to manage single RF970 equipment, provide digital map(GIS map) and non digital map modes, which can realize associated map location, alarm management, video linkage, parameter configuration, etc
            √ Provides Level-2 Web management platform RFView-W-L2, used to manage multiple RF970/RF900/960 devices, realize real-time detection of multiple devices, alarm, statistics and analysis, etc.
            √ Provides SDK interface to integrate with the 3rd party platform
      16. ■ The zone terminal adopts ABS engineering plastics with IP68 level
            √ Adopts passive component
            √ Ambient working temperature:-40~85℃
      17. ■ RF970 alarm host
            √ Adopts 19”4U height rack,the depth is 650mm
            √ The host enclosure is IP21 level
            √ ESD and surge protection circuits inside,immune to lightning strikes and EMI events.
            √ AC~ 220V power supply with consumption less than 300W
            √ Ambient working temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C


      Figure 1 Dual channel & Dual side Deployment

      Figure 2 Dual channel & single side Deployment

      Figure 2 Single channel Deployment

      Figure 3 Under ground Deployment


      Figure 3 Multiple devices application


      1.  Video linkage is realized by relay module , and there is no limit on the number of output linkage
      2.  Due to the use of wave-shaped deployment, the actual zone length must be less than 20Km, which can be calculated according to the wave size.


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